All that really matters, is the “I do!”

November 10

I know, because I can stress like the best of them!

But when it comes to weddings, (or any monumental event for that matter) many times we find ourselves obsessing, over-analyzing and making mountains out of EVERY molehill.

Life’s too short! And when that big day comes, in little time it’s over.
And then what?!….

It’s back to real life! And the question remains….
Did you take the time to enjoy it?!

These moments are your memories!
So make them beautiful….make them count!

About Kailey-Michelle

Grace clinger. Marriage lover. Moment savourer. Passionate Creator. Seeking to inspire this generation as a Professional Wedding Planner, Speaker, Writer and Business Coach, to focus on what matters most in life and leave a legacy of love and service.
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