A Peachy Keen Garden Soiree: Mint, Peach, Nude Inspiration

February 29

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Who says you can’t have fresh, fun AND whimsy, perfectly bundled in one elegant soiree?!  Not I, that’s for certain.

When it comes to personality, we all manifest a wealth of character, ranging from silly to sophisticated. It’s what makes us beautifully complex (and quite possibly, explains women’s ability to switch from laughing to crying at the drop of a hat!) 

You’re wedding is no different. You CAN have the best of both worlds: romance and playfulness. Today’s color combo is a perfect example!

When testing out this theory, base your major design elements on romance- timeless, feminine and sophisticated. Then, when playing with the accents-things like attire, cake, stationary, florals and props- release your inner child! The combination will wow your guests, all while creating an atmosphere thats inviting, friendly and genuine to your two hearts. 

So tell me: how are you infusing your wedding with whimsy and sophistication?!

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