5 Bridal Beauty Secrets the Magazines won’t tell You!

July 24

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to be a blushing bride!

You’ve dreamed about this day for ages and now your time has finally come. You want your radiance to reflect your excitement and your appearance to match your joy.

Here are 5 bridal beauty secrets the magazines won’t tell you….

1. Give Unto Others

I’m not just speaking of material things or money; we can give in countless other ways. When it comes to your wedding day, here’s just a few ideas for giving generously in ways that will bless others:

  • Let your family get involved with helping you plan, even if it’s a small way. They’re dying to be asked!
  • Take a moment alone with your parents to tell them how much you love them. It’s as much their day as yours and they’ve been dreaming about giving you away since the day you got engaged.
  • Take time to mingle with your guests and thank each person who’s there for coming
  • Give to charity or an organization that means something to you, rather than a useless trinket favour that’ll likely end up in a drawer


2. Stay true to You

While it’s certainly not a race, I’m going to say it like it is: Run your own “wedding race!”

In everything from the venue, flowers and decor you choose, to the size and amount you spend, your wedding should be a reflection of your story, heritage, personalities, values and your lifestyle. It’s not your chance to make it into a magazine or show up your recently married girlfriend.

Your wedding in not a competition or your 15 minutes of fame.  So, don’t make the experience about anything other than what it is-  a chapter in your love story.

Stay true to your two hearts.


3. Have a strong sense of Faith and Family Values

There’s nothing more beautiful than our hearts and being trusted with a piece of someone else’s. The deeper we know people, the more we come to love them and find them beautiful. So share what makes you tick and the closer your guests will feel to you.

Take this opportunity to share your faith and the family values each of you is bringing to this fairytale.

String elements of them throughout the day, from your wedding ceremony, to the signage and perhaps traditions you wish to share with guests.

A few ways you can do this are:

  • Share scripture or passages for your ceremony that your parents used for their own wedding
  • Choose a venue that has significance and a story
  • Wear a family heirloom or have a piece of your mothers gown sewn onto yours
  • Have your parents or grandparents share words of wisdom
  • Ask your to dad bless the meal just like he would on sunday dinner


4. Keep your Eye on the Prize

The pressure can get to us! Whether it’s your mother-in-law insisting you marry in the church, the countless wedding blogs that make you feel inferior or the voice inside your head telling you this is your one and only time to prove yourself- whatever it is, ignore it! Focus on you and your hunny.

There’s a reason you’re celebrating in the first place – the genuine heart of the matter; you’re getting married to the love of your life. The one who gives you butterflies, makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, the one who completes you and has asked to hold your hand and walk together in the same direction, forever.

A women who’s focused on what matters, is truly the most blushing bride of all!


5.  Be Grateful

Joy is a choice and it’s one you’ll have to make countless times throughout the planning process. Because as fabulous as the wedding experience can be, it comes with it’s fair share of headaches, frustration and even heart ache! You can choose to get upset about every little thing that goes wrong and requires compromise, or you can choose to be grateful for what your wedding will be: the coming together of two hearts, two stories, two families, as one.
In my own case, choosing joy made it impossible for me to focus on the flaws in the day; I hardly noticed there was only music outside the venue, not inside, that my bouquet had silk peonies in place of real ones or that the aisle runner was bumpy because the city wouldn’t mow the grass around my favourite tree. I didn’t care that my gown wouldn’t bustle or that we forwent purchasing a wedding band and I simply used my engagement ring to seal the deal. I actually loved that my father-in-law forgot the ring exchange during the ceremony, because he got so choked up, we had to rewind and try again!

A grateful bride is a beautiful bride who’s got every reason to rejoice!


Ways to love your husband  5 Bridal Beauty Secrets the Magazines won’t tell you!




Well gorgeous, there you have it;  5 Secrets to being a blushing bride because true beauty comes from within. Something no amount of money can buy you.

Truth be told, their not really secrets. But somehow they get lost in the shuffle and pushed to the back burner while we frantically plan for the “perfect party.” But the reality is your wedding day is about FAR MORE than just looks; it’s about a marriage and building a foundation for a lifetime of blessings.

So, take these 5 seemingly simple strategies and arm yourself with their wisdom.

Staying focused on what really matters and you’ll be the most beautiful bride he’s laid eyes on. I promise.



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Matt Kennedy, Matt Kennedy, Studio Jeanie, Artiese, The Nickersons


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