4 Biggest Wedding Mistakes Brides Make

November 13


Mistakes made are lessons learned.

We all come across times in our lives where we look back at the decisions we’ve made and wish that we would have chosen a different route. With the recent experience of planning my own wedding, I have definitely learned a few “do’s and dont’s” that I can take with me in my career as a Wedding Planner.

I would love to share the 4 biggest wedding mistakes I’ve learned,  with all of you future bride’s taking on the challenge of planning your own nuptials. I hope the advice I share with you will help you get through those days when you feel all is lost!


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1. “Keep calm & marry on!”

The main thing you always want to remember is that your wedding day is supposed to be the most beautiful and joyous day of your life. Adding unnecessary stress to the planning process doesn’t help get things done. The best way to get through your months of planning is to just breathe and ask for help whenever it is needed! Your fiancé, friends and family are going to be your much needed support system and they are there to help anyway they can. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance because plenty of support will help keep you calm and collected.

2. “Anger never solves anything.”

Always remember to be respectful and nice to the people around you. Let’s be honest, weddings never go 100% as planned. Sometimes we feel the need to express our anger towards the people around us even though the situation isn’t their fault. For the most part, people understand that you are under a lot of stress and they don’t take things personally. However, you might catch that one person who takes it to heart and relationships can be bruised. Instead of “losing your cool” on your bridal party, maybe look to them to calm you down and be your reminder that things are going to be okay!

3. “It’s just a party.”

Brides can get extremely caught up in making sure that their wedding day is absolutely perfect. They can get so involved in the planning that they can lose focus of what the wedding is truly about; their marriage! It is so easy for brides to forget the true purpose of their wedding. You and your fiancé are creating a life together as husband and wife and the wedding does not set the tone for that path together. The wrong color of napkins or a groomsmen’s tux not fitting right are really just minor issues and should never “ruin” your special day.

4. “Involve your fiancé as much as possible.”

The typical assumption of most Bride’s is that their fiancé has zero interest in the planning process. 9 times out of 10, this is completely false. Sure, they may not be concerned about the color of the table cloths or the type of flowers you want to use, but that’s not to say they don’t care about other aspects of the event. A great way to get your fiancé involved is have him plan the parts of the wedding that would interest him. Perfect examples are researching the DJ or having him find and book the tuxes. Trust me ladies, men want to be involved especially if it’s something that’s right up their alley! This will also help avoid any arguments directed towards him “not caring”.


I can only hope that some of these lessons I’ve learned in the process of planning my wedding will help you avoid any unnecessary road blocks. Advice from experienced Brides is your best source of help. Don’t hesitate to ask around within your family and friends who have already conquered planning their big day. People are always willing to share their thoughts and lessons learned if it means helping you avoid any added stress. Trust me, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!


So tell me: What are the biggest wedding mistakes you’ve learned already in your wedding planning process?! 


xo Chiara | KME Associate Planner

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