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November 13

This past summer I was honoured to be asked to speak at Weddingful’s Industry Night on their experts panel.
The focus was on sharing our approach to customer care and business/ marketing advice for other professionals seeking success in the World of Weddings.

There’s no greater place to learn than from those who have been in the trenches beside you, right?!

While the quality of the video sucks, [unfortunately the event was not professionally recorded. Thanks hubby for trying!] I truly believe there are some valuable takeaways for those who are blessed to work in the business of weddings.

You’ll hear from myself, along with  David of Mat Divad Photography and Angel Pui, Founder of Weddingful.


And for those who’d  prefer the Coles Notes version…..

3 Habits for Finding Success in Business

Photo courtesy of Matt Kennedy Photos  

1. Authentically Share Your Story

Story telling is an important part of communicating who you are and what you can offer your clients. The key however, is sharing openly and honestly your own journey and the heart for what you do and why. Don’t just share the sparkly moments, but the hard and challenging seasons also. That’s how clients relate to you on a deeper level and know that the things that matter to them, genuinely matter to you.


2. Find Success with Google

Blog consistently and not just about the behind- the-scenes of your business, but on content that people actively seek out and search for, such as free resources, guides and tools. Every once in while, produce content that reaches a wider audience than just your direct target market.


3.  It’s What you Don’t say, not What you Do!

When meeting with potential clients, listen more than you speak and when you do, speak confidently, but without arrogance or pride in your tone or manner. Be sure not to demean others or speak ill of any professionals in the industry, be it gossip, for “innocent” comparisons sake or by name dropping. Rather than impressing them, it breaks the clients trust and earned respect.



Are you a creative professional or entrepreneur in the wedding industry?

I’d love to hear how you’ve found success in business. Share by commenting below!



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