3 Biggest Mistakes when Planning your Wedding

January 23

Planning a wedding is many times more akin to planning a production than a casual family affair. Even when the ladder idea forms your vision and your dreaming of an intimate gathering of your nearest and dearest, the truth is, the average wedding takes 250 hours to orchestra with over  25 professional vendors!

You’re bound to make mistakes! We all are.

Let’s lessen those chances though, shall we? Here’s 3  things to avoid when planing your once upon a time…

3 Biggest Mistakes when Planning your Wedding

Being Budget Blind


Truth be told, this budget blind business is two fold and can manifest itself differently in couples.
The first, is planning your wedding blind to the reasons and maturity in setting and maintaining a budget throughout your spending. And I’m not just talking about a general idea of, “We’re aiming to keep things under $30,000”; we’re talking a detailed breakdown of how much you plan to spend in each category of your wedding purchases- cake, dress, photography, decor, venue, food, even down to your favours and stationery. Without a proper budget in place, [and perhaps an accountability partner to hold you to it!] your unrealistic expectations will lead the way, sadly many times, to the kick off of a marriage thats filled with debt and regret for having sold the farm.


Remember, you’re planning for more than just a party; it’s about setting yourself up for a lifetime of blessings in marriage that begins the moment AFTER you say I do. The rest is simply icing on the cake!


The flip side to being budget blind, is letting your [limited] budget make you feel defeated before you’re even out the gate; don’t let it create stress for you and hinder your creativity in how to bring your fairytale to life. Sure those weddings you see on pinterest and in the magazine are UNBELIEVABLE and your boards are bursting with ideas, but the reality is, money doesn’t buy happiness and what worked perfectly for them doesn’t mean it will for you.


Working within a budget makes you ask yourself, “is this really, truly important to me? Will I care 10 years from now if I spend a huge chunk of my budget on it?” In my opinion, that’s priceless accountability!


Speaking from experience, I let my own expectations get the better of me in my own wedding planning and before I knew it, I was planning someone else’s big day!


Some of the most meaningful and cherished weddings I’ve worked on, were built on limited budgets! Honest! With a little creativity and a focus on you, rather than everyone else, your day will be the “once upon a time” you’ve longed for.


Might I suggest a professional to help you maximize your budget and translate your ideas into realistic expectations?

Planning to Impress


When I meet with clients, the first thing I ask when they show me “inspiration” is WHY?


Why do you want those domes of expensive flowers and why do you want to use vintage china? Does you granny have a collection? Are roses the flower your mother carried down the aisle?


To often, couples treat their wedding like a competition or “show” and plan their wedding to impress. But that’s so far from the point it saddens me! Your wedding is an opportunity to honour your love story, your family heritage and your traditions.

Infuse your personal style and honour those that love you most. When guests walk into the room, they should exclaim, “This is totally ____ + _____!!!!” Insert your names.


So, forget that Suzy had Gerberas and that Mary had a vintage wedding, too. Do what matters to you and forget all the rest!


Forgetting fun

My friend, don’t take this planning stuff so seriously! It isn’t a life or death situation…. This is I your very own fairytale and you deserve a once upon a time that’s joy-filled.

There’s no need for stress to get the best of you or ruin this once in a lifetime experience.


So, embrace your family’s offer to help and welcome them in on the fun. ‘Cause 9 times out of 10, those will be be the memories you cherish most; dreaming together over lattes, crafting with your girlfriends over vino and canning your preserve favours with grandma. They’ll mean more than the stuffy  formal meeting where you felt pressured to “take it all” and spend more than you have!


Need help with these areas? Feel defeated in one are or another?  
We’ve got a host of friendly and genuine wedding planning services that will help you celerbate in style, the things and people that matter most to you! 


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