15 ways to love your husband

June 4

Men and women were created different; one pink the other blue, each responding to life through it’s own coloured glasses.

Too often we accuse each other of being wrong, trying desperately to force each other to do things how we’d like it done or act the way we would. But here’s the thing; we were each created with purpose and intent. Not wrong, just different.

The key to a successful marriage falls on two words: Love and Respect.

Woman need to respect their husbands and men, to love their wives. To each, it’s their primarily way of feeling valued. While yes, woman need to be respected, they primarily need to know their loved. And for men, while knowing their loved is important, they value greater knowing their wife respects them.


Whether your single, dating or married, here’s what the men in your life want you to know, but won’t say…

15 ways to love him… the way HE WANTS!

  1. Say what you need to say without talking down to him

  2. Tell him you’re grateful for him going to work

  3. Cheer on his successes in business or and in sports

  4. Allow him to dream, by humouring him and not shooting down his dreams immediately

  5. Admire the responsibly he feels for your life and your safety

  6. Praise his commitment to provide for you financially, regardless if he’s the breadwinner

  7. Tell him he’s strong while squeezing his muscles

  8. Praise his good decisions and go quiet about his poor ones

  9. Honour his authority in front of others and talk later in quiet about disagreements or frustrations

  10. Thank him for his advice and knowledge rather than telling him he’s always trying to fix things

  11. Value his ability to listen by telling him you just need an ear to listen

  12. Tell him you like him and he’s your best friend

  13. Do activities with him without talking, or simply watching him

  14. Encourage him to spend time alone doing something he enjoys

  15. Look your best every once and a while for him alone, not just when you’re going out


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To learn more about why these make men feel loved [i.e.: respected] and the secret to a lasting and fulfilling marriage, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of “Love and Respect” today

Dave and I have worked through this book both independently and with a group of couples. We’ve laughed and cried our way through it and found an even greater level of joy and depth to our marriage.



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2 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Love this. The longer we’re married, the more I realize that knowing him just to KNOW and respect him is so much better. He’s an amazing man, and I’m so blessed.
    BTW, that is a great, great book.

    • Thank you Sarah! I couldn’t agree with you more. I find when I do just as you’ve shared, I’m able to see both the man that gave me butterflies and I would do just about anything to be around, while simultaneously seeing him through the eyes of our Father. Hugs to you my friend. May your marriage continue to deepen and fill your hearts and your home with joy, contentment and peace.